HttpWatch Help Version 12.x
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    Experimental Support For Microsoft Edge (Chromium)
    In This Topic

    HttpWatch 12.1 now includes experimental support for Microsoft Edge (Chromium). A full implementation, including automation, will be added at a later date when Edge (Chromium) is officially released.

    Installing HttpWatch 12.1 in Edge (Chromium)

    Please follow these steps to use HttpWatch with Edge (Chromium):

    1. Install Edge (Chromium) Beta

    You can download the Edge Insider Beta Channel from

    2. Allow Edge to Install HttpWatch from The Google Web Store

    Open Edge (Chromium) Beta and go to ...->Extensions or enter 'edge://extensions/' in the location bar. Then select 'Allow extensions from other stores' and click Allow:

     3. Install the HttpWatch extension from the Chrome Web Store

    In Edge open the HttpWatch extension page at: 

    Then click 'Add To Chrome' which will add the extension to Edge:


    Once the extension has been added you can either access HttpWatch from the toolbar icon or by right clicking on the web page and selecting 'Open HttpWatch'.