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    Options - General
    In This Topic

    The General tab of the Options dialog contains the following options to configure HttpWatch:

    Clear log when recording starts

    If this check box is selected the log is automatically cleared whenever recording is started interactively.

    Confirm Cache and Cookie Clearing

    This controls whether a confirmation dialog is displayed when one of the clearing options is used on the Tools menu.

    Use shortcut keys in Internet Explorer (IE only)

    Clear this check box if you want to disable the use of shortcut keys in the browser. You may need to do this if an HttpWatch shortcut key clashes with a shortcut key used by a web application.

    Allow shortcut keys that open HttpWatch (IE Only)

    Clear this check box if one of the shortcuts that open HttpWatch (e.g. Shift+F2 for Dock) is interfering with the use the keyboard shortcuts provided by the browser or a web application

    Only allow other shortcut keys if HttpWatch is open (IE only)

    When this check box is enabled, shortcut keys that do not open HttpWatch will only be processed if the HttpWatch extension window is visible. By clearing this option you could perform an action like starting recording (Ctrl+F2) without opening HttpWatch.

    Save Additional Diagnostics

    Only use this option when requested to do so by HttpWatch support. It saves additional information into HWL files and can help us diagnose problems.

    Record Console Output (Chrome and Edge only)

    Uncheck this option to disable the recording of the browser's console output.

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