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In This Topic
    Options - URL Display
    In This Topic

    The URL Display tab of the Options dialog contains the following options to configure how URLs are displayed in the request grid:

    Hide https:// prefix for secure requests

    Check this option to strip the https:// prefix from the URL of secure requests. Modern browsers and web technologies increasing require the use of HTTPS and therefore this option will simplify the display of most requests.

    Show page relative URLs  

    Enabling this option will show requests as a relative path to the URL of the containing page. This will shortened the URLs for assets hosted on the website and highlight resources which are downloaded from other domains.

    Display URL Indicators

    Select this option to display graphical symbols at the start of the URL to show the type of request (e.g. ➔ for XHR) and a warning triangle (⚠) for requests made with insecure HTTP. See URL Indicators

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