HttpWatch Help Version 12.x
Using HttpWatch / Silent Install
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    Silent Install
    In This Topic

    Starting HttpWatch Setup Without a User Interface (Silent Mode)

    HttpWatch can be installed from batch files, on the command line or from automated tools like SMS by supplying command line arguments to the setup program:

        httpwatchpro.exe /S [/D=<install_dir>] [/errorpath=...] [/license=...] [/capture=1]

    Setup Command Line Arguments

    The command line options are as follows:


    This causes the setup program to run with no GUI and to require no interaction, i.e. Silent Mode install


    The default install directory can be changed using this flag. e.g.

    /D=c:\program files\networktools\httpwatch


    This specifies where files containing error information should be written. If this option is not specified the files will be written to the directory containing the setup program.




    The HttpWatch extension is installed in Chrome unless this flag is used.


    This sets the file name of the HttpWatch Professional edition license. Use the value '[installed]' to use an existing, installed license. Here are some examples






    This allows re-packaging tools to accurately record registry changes that HttpWatch makes at setup time and is useful when authoring custom MSI or SMS packages for HttpWatch.

    (All command line flags are case sensitive)

    Detecting Errors

    If an error occurs during a silent install no message box or dialogs are displayed. The setup program will have a non zero exit code and one of the following files will be written:


    Indicates that the setup requires a reboot to complete


    Is written if the setup program could not complete, e.g. the destination directory is not writable.

    The directory, in which these files are written, can be controlled using the /errorpath command line flag. When the setup program completes successfully it will have an exit code of zero and no error files are written.

    Waiting for the Setup Program to Finish

    To run directly from the command line or in a batch file, you will need to use the Windows Start command to wait for the setup program to complete, e.g.

    start /wait httpwatchpro.exe /S /license=[installed]
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