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Using HttpWatch / User Interface / Request View / SSL
In This Topic
    In This Topic

    This tab shows information about the type of SSL connection that is being used. The following items are displayed:

    SSL Protocol

    The protocol type and version used by the SSL connection, e.g. SSL v2 or SSL v3

    Public Key Exchange

    The public / private key algorithm that is used to safely transfer the encryption key that will be used for the SSL connection between the browser and web server.

    Public Key Size

    The size of the key used by the public key exchange algorithm. Key sizes of 2048 bits or more are preferred for commonly used public key algorithms such as RSA..


    The symmetric encryption algorithm that is used to safely transfer request and response data between the browser and web server.

    Encryption Key Size

    The size of the key used by the symmetric encryption algorithm. Key sizes of 128bits or more are preferred for commonly used encryption algorithms such as AES..

    Server Authentication

    The algorithm that is used to identify the web server using its SSL certificate..


    The Message Exchange Code (MAC) algorithm that is used to ensure that request and response data has not been modified by a third party.


    For each item a strength value is displayed:


    The item is considered to be highly secure.


    The item either has possible exploits or exploits are expected to be available within a few years. In some cases the item may relate to something that is going to be phased out. For example, SSL certificates less than 2048 bits will not be issued after December 31, 2013.


    The item has known exploits or the SSL connection can be brute force decoded using readily available computing resources...


    Check with SSLRobot...

    This button opens SSLRobot and checks the TLS/SSL configuration of the secure web site.

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