HttpWatch Help Version 13.x
Using HttpWatch / HttpWatch User Interface
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    HttpWatch User Interface
    In This Topic

    The HttpWatch user interface in HttpWatch Studio and the extensions for Internet Explorer, Edge and Chrome have four main sections:

    1. Toolbar

    The toolbar is displayed at the top of the window and contains buttons that are used to control HttpWatch. For more information see Toolbar Buttons.

    2. Request Grid

    This displays a scrollable list of HTTP requests that have been recorded by HttpWatch. For more information see Requests Grid.

    3. Request View

    Selecting an item in the requests grid causes the lower part of the HttpWatch window to display detailed information about that item. The size of this region can be adjust by dragging the horizontal line that separates it from the requests grid. For more information see Request View.

    4. Summary View

    Clicking on the Summary toolbar button or selecting multiple items in the requests grid opens a window that displays summary data. For more information see Summary View.