HttpWatch Help Version 14.x
Using HttpWatch / User Interface / Request View / Cache (IE only)
In This Topic
    Cache (IE only)
    In This Topic

    This shows details of the URL's entry in the browser cache both before and after the request was completed. The following data items are displayed:

    URL in cache?

    This indicates whether the currently selected item has an entry in the browser cache.


    The date/time when the cache entry will expire. The web server can specify this using the Expires header.

    Last Modification

    This is the modification date returned by the server in the Last-Modified header when the cache item was stored or updated.

    Last Cache Update

    This is the date/time when this cache entry was last updated.

    Last Access

    This is the date/time when the content was last read from the cache


    An ETag is an opaque string that is used to uniquely identity an entity on a server. It provides a finer level of control than Last-Modified and is used by the browser in If-None-Match request headers.

    Hit Count

    The number of times that the browser has read content from this cache entry.

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