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In This Topic
    Options - Password Masking
    In This Topic

    The Password Masking tab contains the following options to configure how POST data fields are masked for security purposes: When masking occurs the value of a field (e.g. a password) is changed so that each character is replaced with an asterisk '*' character.

    Masked data values are highlighted in the POST Data tab.

    Record and save all POST parameters:

    Selecting this option turns off the masking feature so that all POST data fields are recorded by HttpWatch.

    Mask passwords and sensitive POST parameters:

    Select this option to apply masking to POST data fields whose name contains one or more of the sub-strings entered on this tab.

    Identify passwords and sensitive field names using these sub-strings...

    Enter the sub-strings separated by commas that are required to identify fields for masking. For example, the sub-string 'pass' will match fields with the name.'Password', 'MyPASS' and 'Pass1'.


    Click this button to use the default set of masking sub-strings..


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