HttpWatch Help Version 14.x
Using HttpWatch / User Interface / Request View / POST Data
In This Topic
    POST Data
    In This Topic

    This tab displays the parameter names and values contained a POST request. The mime type displayed on this tab is the encoding scheme used to upload data and if usually one of the following for HTML based forms:

    1. application/x-www-form-urlencoded

      This is the same format as a query string, but the string is passed in the request body rather than the URL.

    2. multipart/form-data

      This passes the raw, unescaped data in the the POST body by using a marker to define the data boundaries.

    If required, you can view the network low level format of an HTTP POST request in the Stream tab in Internet Explorer.

    The size column shows the total size in bytes of the parameter name and value in the HTTP request message.

    View As

    You can choose to either see the data values in a grid form or the underlying text that was sent to the web server.


    Select this option to automatically reformat JSON content for display.
    A green security badge in this tab indicates that one or more parameters (e.g. passwords) were masked with asterisks to hide their value. Each masked value is highlighted in green. The use of masking can be controlled using the Password Masking Options.
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