HttpWatch Help Version 14.x
Using HttpWatch / User Interface / Page Setup Dialog
In This Topic
    Page Setup Dialog
    In This Topic

    This dialog is used to control the format of printed output from HttpWatch. It contains the following controls:

    Landscape / Portrait

    Select landscape or portrait to control the orientation of the printed output on the page.

    Print Properties header on first page

    The contents of the Properties window is included on the first page of the print-out when this option is selected.

    Print horizontally across multiple pages

    The width of each column in the printed output is determined by the width of the column on screen. If the columns are too wide to fit on one page this checkbox controls whether the print-out should span multiple pages horizontally.

    Don't split columns across page boundaries

    If this checkbox is enabled a column will be printed on the next page, instead of splitting it across two pages horizontally.


    Click this button if you want to select a different printer.