HttpWatch Help Version 14.x
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In This Topic
    Save Button
    In This Topic

    Clicking this item saves the complete log to an HttpWatch log file (.hwl). The Open using HttpWatch Studio checkbox can be used to automatically load the log file into the HttpWatch Studio after it has been saved.

    The arrow on the toolbar next to this button provides access to Export to CSV... , Export to XML..., Export to HAR...  and Send by Email...

    HttpWatch log files can be reopened using File->Open in HttpWatch Studio or by double clicking on a .hwl file.

    Files saved in HttpWatch Professional Edition save can be viewed in HttpWatch Basic Edition and HttpWatch Professional Edition can view the complete contents of any file saved in HttpWatch Basic Edition. For more information about transferring log files please see Basic vs Professional Edition.

    See HttpWatch File Formats for more information on the difference between HWL, HAR, CSV and XML files.

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