HttpWatch Help Version 14.x
Using HttpWatch / User Interface / Request View / Stream (IE Only)
In This Topic
    Stream (IE Only)
    In This Topic

    This shows the raw data streams that were sent to and received from the web server. The size of the two windows can be adjusted by dragging the vertical line that separates them.

    The way that text is displayed in this tab can be controlled by using the right click context menu. There are options for changing the font, displaying line numbers and controlling word wrap.

    Stream Sent

    The left hand side of the tab the shows the contents of the the request stream, the size of the stream and the network address to which it was sent. For example:

    435 bytes sent to

    indicates that that the HTTP request was 435 bytes long and was sent to port 80 at the IP address If https (SSL) was used then the encrypted size of the stream is also shown, e.g.:

    435 bytes (456 encrypted) sent to

    Stream Received

    The right hand side shows the response stream, the size of the stream and the network address on which it was received. On sites that use chunked transfer encoding, the number of chunks in the response is displayed:

    54352 bytes received by in 21 chunks


    The Console tab is not available in Chrome and Edge