HttpWatch Help Version 14.x
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    What's new in Version 14.x
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    New in Version 14.0

    Console Output Recording

    Console output from Edge and Chrome (version 64 onwards) is now recorded by HttpWatch. This includes logged error, warning and information messages and output from the JavaScript runtime such as syntax errors, exceptions and calls to the console.* API :

    The console output from a browser can be essential for debugging client-side code in PWAs (Progressive Web Applications) that use large JavaScript libraries or WebAssembly hosted code (e.g. C#, C++ etc):

    Console recording can be controlled from Tools->Options:

    A new Console column shows whether console output was recorded for a page or request:

    Console tabs show the console output associated with a selected page or request:

    Updated User Interface

    The HttpWatch UI has been updated with new flat look icons:

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