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    Introduction to HttpWatch 15.x
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    Welcome to HttpWatch

    HttpWatch integrates with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge to provide unrivaled levels of HTTP monitoring, without the need for separately configured proxies or network sniffers. Simply interact with a web site and HttpWatch will display a log of requests and responses alongside the web page itself. It even shows interactions between the browser and its cache. Each HTTP transaction can be examined to see the values of headers, cookies, query strings and other HTTP related data.

    Commercial web sites often use technologies such as HTTP compression, SSL encryption and chunked encoding to provide the best levels of security and performance. HttpWatch works with these technologies to provided a detail view of HTTP activity within the browser.

    HttpWatch has two components; an extension used to collect, view and save HTTP traffic within the browser and a standalone log file viewer know as HttpWatch Studio.

    HttpWatch Editions

    Two editions of HttpWatch are available:

    Using HttpWatch

    For information about how to open HttpWatch and to start recording HTTP traffic please see Getting Started.


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