HttpWatch Help Version 14.x
Using HttpWatch / User Interface / Request View / Content
In This Topic
    In This Topic

    This tab displays the content that was received in the HTTP response. The following controls are used:

    Content Description

    The text displayed above the content shows the mime type, the total size in bytes and whether the content was downloaded from the web server or read from the browser cache. If HTTP compression was used, then the description includes the compression type, the compressed sized and the savings achieved. For example, this description:

    text/html : 42551 bytes, gzip compressed to 10167 bytes ( 76.1 % saving )

    applies to an HTML page that was compressed using the gzip algorithm


    Checking this button automatically displays images and SVG resources. Otherwise the underlying data of the resource is shown e.g. the XML text for a SVG resource.


    Select this option to automatically reformat JSON content for display.

    Show All

    Select this option to automatically resize images for display within the Content tab.


    For graphical content this button can be used to add a black border around the image.


    The edit button will open the content using an application that has been registered for this type of content. For more information see Configuring Content Editors.


    This button opens a find dialog that searches through textual content.


    The content can be written out to a file using the Export button.

    Content Display

    The rectangular window, below the buttons and description, displays the content and automatically switches between graphics and text.

    The way that text is displayed in this tab can be controlled by using the right click context menu. There are options for changing the font, displaying line numbers and controlling word wrap.