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    Options - Recording
    In This Topic

    The Recording tab of the Options dialog contains the following options to configure how recording is started in HttpWatch:

    Use Record button to start recording

    This is the default setting when you install HttpWatch. Recording is only started when you click on the record button and will continue until the Stop button is clicked.

    Start Recording when HttpWatch is opened

    If this option is enabled HttpWatch will automatically start recording as soon as the Extension window is opened.

    Stop Recording when HttpWatch is closed

    This options causes HttpWatch to stop recording when the Extension window is closed

    Automatically Record when the Browser Starts Or Opens a New Tab

    Using this options enables automatic recording in HttpWatch, unless the browser was started using the automation interface's New method. The automatic record and saving settings are used when the next instance of the browser starts.

    Confirmation Message

    Enabling this check box causes a confirmation message to be displayed to the user when the browser starts asking them whether they want to proceed with automatic HttpWatch recording. This setting can only be disabled in HttpWatch Professional Edition.

    Save Log file when a tab closes closes or every N minutes

    This option can be used to automatically save the HttpWatch log file when the browser exits or after a period of time specified in minutes.

    If the value in minutes is set to 0 the log file is only written out when IE or Chrome exits. No log file is written out if the log is empty.

    Log File Format

    Log files are written in the chosen format - HWL, HAR or CSV (see HttpWatch File Formats)

    Write Log files to

    Automatically saved log files are written to this location. The following locations are support:

    • Local directories, e.g. C:\LOGFILES

    • Network paths, e.g. \\DEVSERVER\LOGFILES

    The file name is automatically generated and contains the date/time, user name and computer name. See Automatic Recording for more information.

    Automatically purge log files older then N days

    If this option is selected any log files older than the specified value in days are deleted from the directory used for automatic saving. The deletion occurs just before a new log file automatically saved by HttpWatch. Only log files written by the same user on the same computer will be deleted. If any other HttpWatch log files are present in the directory they will not be deleted. 

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