HttpWatch Help Version 14.x
Using HttpWatch / User Interface / Summary View / Summary Warnings Tab
In This Topic
    Summary Warnings Tab
    In This Topic

     This tab displays a summary of all the warnings detected in a page or a group of selected requests.

    Warning Columns

    The following information is displayed for each warning:

    ID Identifies the warning that has been detected.
    Type Displays an icon for one of the three types of warnings that are detected - Performance, Security and Functional

    A description of the warning including place holders for information that is request specific. For example, it the warning applies to a cookie then the place holder <cookie-name> is used because the warning may have been detected for more than one cookie.

    Tip: you can view the full description in a tooltip by holding the mouse pointer over a description field.


    The number f times that this warning was detected in the selected page or group of requests.

    Disabling a Warning

    Please see Configuring Warnings for information about enabling and disabling warnings.

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